Nigel Kersten, Puppet Nigel Kersten, Puppet

At Puppet, Nigel was responsible for the product management and development of the initial versions of Puppet Enterprise, and has served in a variety of leadership roles, including head of product, CTO, and CIO, and is currently the VP of Ecosystem Engineering.

He has been deeply involved in Puppet’s DevOps initiatives since the beginning of the DevOps movement, and has been a primary author of the industry leading State of DevOps Report for the last 7 years. He speaks around the world about the adoption of DevOps in the enterprise and IT organizational transformation, and works closely with many of Puppet’s largest customers to assist with their transformation programs.

Prior to Puppet, Nigel was an SRE at Google HQ in Mountain View, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of one of the largest Puppet deployments in the world and served as the Technical Lead for all corporate Linux, Mac and Solaris infrastructure.

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