Utilizing containers for an online multi-language learning environment

At DataCamp we use Docker for users to learn R, Python, and Bash scripting live in their web browser. When you start a course we create a container for you to use in the session, then from the browser we run the actual code you write directly in the container before returning the response to you. We’ll demo how containers can be used for more than just running your normal website, but can also be used to run your core business. This talk will focus on what we’ve been able to build and provide to users as a direct result of using containers, which wouldn’t have been possible without. We’ll also dive into the security issues with allowing arbitrary code execution within our hosting environment.

Required audience experience:

Basics of Docker

Objectives of the talk:

Understand the applications of containers outside of the normal CI/CD process. Consider the full enablement potential of containers and how you can broach into previously challenging development spaces. Explore using Docker as a security sandboxing solution and the extra protections required.

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Track 3
Location: Abbey Date: May 14, 2019 Time: 5:35 pm - 6:20 pm Michael Pollett, DataCamp Michael Pollett, DataCamp