Workshop – Serverless Computing on AWS

Serverless has become a popular style of developing and running applications, but it’s not obvious or intuitive how to design, build, or operate serverless applications. This workshop enables you to start answering those questions. It also gives you experience of coding and deploying a full application, Serverlessly, to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Mike Roberts starts by discussing the benefits, trade-offs, and concepts of Serverless Architecture, and then takes you on a journey of building a Serverless application using AWS technologies like API Gateway, Lambda, and more. Beyond just development you’ll be learning how to deploy and run these technologies with a Continuous Deployment approach, and low operational overhead, using AWS’ CD and Infrastructure-as-Code services.

This will be a complete Dev + Ops experience.

Required audience experience

This is an intermediate level class. While you won’t need strong expertise in any particular area, we will be covering a lot of aspects of development, deployment and architecture, and will assume that you have worked on cloud-hosted applications before.

You should ideally have some experience of using AWS, be familiar with the ideas of Continuous Delivery, and be very comfortable working from a terminal environment.

The class will be presented using Javascript as the programming language, however code examples will be simple and anyone with modern programming experience should do just fine.


  • Learn why Serverless Computing is a powerful way of quickly building new, scalable, applications
  • Understand the technologies available from Amazon Web Services that can be combined to maximize the value of a Serverless approach
  • Experience how it feels to rapidly create, deploy, and run a fully automated Serverless deployment pipeline
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Location: Chaucer Date: May 16, 2019 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Mike Roberts, Symphonia Mike Roberts, Symphonia