Revamping a legacy backend

Continuous deployment! Infrastructure as Code! They all sound so cool but how can we make them work in a small organisation with limited time and resources?

In this talk I will share how we planned an infrastructure move and by breaking it down step by step into tasks that bring strong value to the company on each step, managed to revamp our entire legacy infrastructure and backend.

We set up a reproducible infrastructure with Terraform & Ansible to migrate our entire infrastructure from manual servers provisioned several years ago across different providers by engineers who had long left the company to a secure, reproducible, and version controlled infrastructure easily movable to any supported provider.

Finally I will share how we set up continuous deployment for our legacy backend and applied end to end monitoring and logging for improved reliability and security.

Audience requirements:

Basic DevOps experience and understanding of problems related maintaing legacy deployments is helpful.

Objective of the talk:

To share experience and best practices of revamping a backend to increase reliability and how to achieve this step by step with limited resources in a startup environment.
You can see Umar’s slides below:
Umar Nizamani
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Track 2
Location: Moore Date: May 14, 2019 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Umar Nizamani, Sense Health Umar Nizamani, Sense Health