Practical ways to increase operability within Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery practices and a focus on software operability are central to high-performing organisations. What techniques and practices are effective for an increased focus on operability in a Continuous Delivery context?

Over the past few years I have helped many organisations to increase the focus on software operability as part of a move to Continuous Delivery. I will share my experience and techniques for improving operability, including:

  • How and why to test logging in a deployment pipeline
  • The UX of the Production Support team
  • The discussion template at
  • Run Book dialogue sheets
  • Tracking time and effort on operational features

You can see Matthew’s slides below:

CLL19 Matthew Skelton

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Track 2
Location: Moore Date: May 15, 2019 Time: 10:55 am - 11:40 am Matthew Skelton, Conflux Matthew Skelton, Conflux