Fighting fires for fun profit: How to be a great Incident Commander

Outages are inevitable in complex systems; a good Incident Commander helps drive incidents to better, faster resolutions. Coordinating a major incident requires a skillset every bit as specialized and important as architecting a high throughput service. Those skills are learnable; they’re also hard to teach.

What makes a good Incident Commander? How can an organization empower all engineers to respond to pages while also training a cadre of skilled ICs? We’ll break down the characteristics of a good IC, from breadth of technical knowledge to inter-team diplomacy, and provide tips on how to build and train your organization’s IC pool.

Required audience experience:

Accessible to anyone in an engineering organization (no special skills needed)

Objective of the talk:

We’ll explore the basics of incident response and coordination, how to be effective as an incident commander (IC), and how organizations can cultivate a strong pool of ICs so that both engineers and customers are happier.

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Location: Mountbatten Date: May 14, 2019 Time: 5:35 pm - 6:20 pm Elisa Binette, New Relic Elisa Binette, New Relic Beth Adele Long, New Relic Beth Adele Long, New Relic