Continuous(ish) Delivery in cloud-based banking

When it comes to software the banking sector is notoriously conservative, with big legacy systems that are deployed on a quarterly basis at best. In such a highly regulated, conservative environment where 24/7 availability and reliability is key, how do you implement Continuous Delivery?

This talk presents the experience of Starling Bank. It will explain how the software systems were designed to behave reliably and deploy continuously during the day, even under peak load. It will explore the architecture of the distributed systems and how they have been designed to prioritise resilience (even under partial outage). This includes the automation of deployment, health monitoring, and recovery.

Audience Requirements:

Basic knowledge of CD release processes and HTTP/REST

Objective of the talk:

Learn how to operate a cloud-based distributed system that is optimised for 24/7 availability and reliability.

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CLL19 Jason Maude

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Track 2
Location: Moore Date: May 14, 2019 Time: 11:50 am - 12:35 pm Jason Maude, Starling Bank Jason Maude, Starling Bank