Combine Git, a Continuous Integration Server and OpenShift for a great workflow

Container orchestrators like OpenShift or Kubernetes are great tools to support the scalable and stable operation of a diverse set of software services. One question, however, remains: How to integrate these orchestrators into your team’s workflow?

In this talk we will go through a field-tested workflow using git-flow, a continuous integration server like Jenkins, and Helm Charts to assist your team in a reliable, monitorable and fast workflow that works great for DevOps teams.

We will discuss alternatives to this workflow so every team can find one that fits best. If each team member feels safe to deploy often, the output of the team will increase in amount and quality.

Required audience experience:

Basic knowledge of containers, Git, and container orchestration.

Objective of the talk:

Explain the advantages of a reliable, monitorable, and fast workflow for your team and it’s output. We’ll also look into how this can be set up.

You can see Tobias’ slides below:

Tobias Matern

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Track 2
Location: Moore Date: May 15, 2019 Time: 4:40 pm - 5:25 pm Tobias Matern, Lufthansa Tobias Matern, Lufthansa